Greetings and welcome to the 2nd African Diaspora Women Summit

On behalf of the planning committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018 African Diaspora Women Summit, scheduled for Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of September 2018, at Melbourne Polytechnic, Collingwood Campus, Melbourne, Australia.

The 2018 theme is: “Foster Collaborations, Enhance Growth through Self-Development.” This theme is drawn from the outcomes of the successful 2017 Summit. This year’s Summit focus is on solutions.  In line with this, our presenters and panelists are drawn from diverse walks of life including - Business, Leadership, Health, Academia, Politics, Investment, and Civil Society. We believe that their diverse experiences and thoughts will provide ideas and propose solutions for some of the global challenges.

This Summit shall provide opportunities to showcase the talent, skills and capabilities that exist within the African diaspora. It will provide prospects for talent and staff scouting by professionals and networking. It is also a platform for continuous learning and capacity building for both presenters and delegates. In line with this year’s theme: Foster Collaborations, Enhance Growth through Self-Development,” the topics to be covered include:

  • African Advancement;
  • Leadership;
  • Building, Creating and Strengthening Networks;
  • The African Professionals in the Diaspora;
  • Success Stories (Brag time);
  • Research;
  • Emerging Businesses and Entrepreneurships;
  • Infrastructure: Arts, Science and Technological;
  • Health: Sexual and Mental Health; and
  • Family Violence with Service Delivery

I look forward to welcoming and engaging with every one of you in Melbourne, the most livable city in the world.  Come and experience the African and Australian hospitality, while feeding your mind and being part of the solution.

Mimmie Claudine Watts. Ph.D.

Convener, African Diaspora Women Summit
Academic &, Managing Director Achieve W. Global
Author, Sahara Piercing the Thatch Ceiling
Commissioner, Victorian Multicultural Commission


Melbourne Polytechnic, Collingwood Campus
20 Otter St. Collingwood,  Melbourne

Who Should Attend

  • Service Providers
  • Leaders
  • Gender Advocates
  • Men & Women from all races and backgrounds

☎ Contact Us

Email: info@africandiasporawomensummit.org.au
Tel: +61 (0)409 694 244


Casta Tungaraza.png

Dr Casta Tungaraza

Chair - AGAAR

Australia & Tanzania

Asrat Andargie.png

Dr Asrat Atsedeweyn Andargie

Vice President Academics -University of Gondar,


Mimmie Claudine Watts.png

Dr Mimmie Claudine Ngum Chi Watts

Chair & Founder-African Diaspora Women Summit, Commissioner-Victorian Multicultural Commission


Evangeline Ngwashi.png

Evangeline Ngwashi

IICFIP Director of Promotion USA & Canada

Felicity Mecha.png

Felicity Mecha

Electrical Engineer


Rita Bissoonauth.png

Dr Rita Bissoonauth

African Union International Centre for Girls and Women’s Education in Africa

Nelly Yoa

Brand Ambassador - American Express

Youth Mentor & Motivational Speaker

Dr Nathalie Chinje.png

Dr Nathalie Beatrice Chinje

Founder & CEO - Upbeat Marketing

South Africa/Cameroon

Muna Abdalla.png

Dr Muna Abdalla

Manager - African Union Leadership Academy

Ethiopia & Sudan

Selba G Luka.png

Selba Gondonza Luka

CEO/Founder AAC/Co-Founder Black Rhinos and Peregrine Falcons Club; VMC Regional Advisory Council Member; Executive Member African Taskforce

Shillar Sibanda.png

Shillar Sibanda

Chair Africa Day Australia

Inga Peulich.png

Inga Peulich

Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs

MLC, Victorian Parliament, Australia

Bwalya Mwali

Founder: Networking for Africa



More speakers coming soon.


early bird Registration open

Early bird registrations open on June 01, 2018 AUD $255

Regular registration commence on July 15, 2018,  AUD $300.

Committee Members


Dr Mimmie Claudine Ngum Chi Watts


Mehak Sheikh

Mehak Sheikh

South-East Asian Kenyan


Emmanuel Mbala


Patricia Kimtia.png

Patricia Kimtia

Amanda Green.png

Amanda Green


Robert Aduer Ring.png

Robert Aduer Ring

South Sudan

Tracy-Kate Watts.png

Tracy-Kate Watts


2017 Report, Videos & Photographs

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IADWS Declaration & Report

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2017 Videos

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2017 Day One

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2017 Day Two

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Email: info@africandiasporawomensummit.org.au

Tel +61 (0)409 694 244