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Bwalya Mwali

Founder: Networking for Africa, a platform that showcases black professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Chairperson: Ingwee, working with Youth of African origin living in Belgium. The organisation facilitates and  provides information on the education system and services. Mentoring programs for women and Youth in Zambia and The Gambia (

International Coordinator: African Tales project, assembling and archiving of African Folk Tales on Digital Space (

Director: Bantu Concepts, Investment Consultancy and Development Advisory Services.

Psychologist: More than 10 years work with refugees and the Diaspora Community in Belgium. Former Psychologist for Sub-Sahara Africans living with HIV.

How do we engage disadvantaged groups in Decision-making: the approaches, strategies and methods used in participation initiatives aimed specifically that these groups are involved in the planning and decision making processes; and the challenges and possibilities for engaging these populations in order to ensure a balanced participation.

Most often, people are not aware of their abilities and the resources at their disposal; at times programs set up to assist marginalised populations run short of providing important skills sets and tools for them to make meaningful contribution to the common goal.

With this two part session, an introductory lecture followed by a workshop; we wish to address this knowledge and information gap by allowing participants to work through real life or simulated experiences in order to identify effective strategies for strengthening disadvantaged groups' skills, abilities and leadership required in their respective roles and responsibilities.

In return, participants will acquire some skills in developing, implementing and monitoring their programs.