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Dr Casta tungaraza

Dr Casta Tungaraza is an agent of change, Intercultural-Relations Consultant and an

entrepreneur. She is known for her advocacy and long-term service for the economic empowerment of African women. In 2012, she was inducted in the WA Women’s Hall of Fame, and in 2013 she was featured in the Permanent Impressions Portraits – an Art collection and an award-winning book recognising 50 women in Western Australia who ‘in their ordinary lives had achieved extraordinary things and became role models for all ages.

In the same year the Tanzanian Government appointed her to be the first Tanzania’s

Tourism Goodwill Ambassador in Australia, and subsequently nominated as the Patron of the Australia-Tanzania Business Council. She serves on a number of Boards at the national and State level. She was appointed the Chair of the Government’s Advisory Group on Australia-Africa Relations (AGAAR) by The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Hon. Julie Bishop to develop the Australian Strategy on Africa, and providing the Government with advice on enhancing Australia’s institutional, commercial and people-to-people links with the countries of Africa.

She is on the organizing committee of the annual Australia-Africa Trade and Investment Expo that connects Australia with opportunities in Africa. Dr Tungaraza is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and serves on a number of Boards – At the State level, she a member of the Multicultural Advisory Group to the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests.

She has been recognized and awarded nationally and internationally for her commitment to the prevention and eradication of violence against women and children through her voluntary community work in Australia and Africa, particularly with young people and their families in WA.

Her work in promoting better outcomes for African women has led to the development of the Dare to Dream-Links (D2D-Links) program for mentoring and coaching African youth, in particular young African women. - In 2006 she co-founded Miss Africa Australia Perth, a Young African Women’s Leadership Development Program. This has become the most successful and effective mentoring programs for African girls, subsequently, in 2014 she received the Mentor of the year Award.

She is a recipient of a number of national and international awards including the African Union ECOSOCC Global Africa Diaspora Award 2015, for visionary and inspiring leadership in the inclusion of African women in all facets of development; and in 2012 the WA Multicultural Services Award for her work over many years in empowering culturally and linguistically diverse communities; The Living Legend Award and the most Influential African in Australia.

Casta has a Bachelor of Arts with Hons, a Masters degree in Development Studies, a PhD in International Politics and a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice.

Dr Casta is also a member of the SBS Community Advisory Board.