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Evangeline Asafor Ngwashi

My name is Evangeline Asafor Ngwashi I am originally from Cameroon near the West Coast of Central Africa. I hold a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and currently writing my dissertation for a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. I am a Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP) and the current Director of Promotion for the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP) USA & Canada. I am the President and Founder of Asafor Youth Self Actualization Foundation Inc. (www.asafor.us) and the Public Relations Advisory Support Staff for Divine Helping Hands Non-profit organization. I recently published an inspirational piece entitled “My Letters of Gratitude to Jehovah God”.


Wisdom Revival in Women’s Leadership Development

In today’s complicated world women in leadership must improve their leadership skills to meet up with the challenges to leadership effectiveness. Knowing oneself as Aristotle once said is the beginning of all wisdom and leadership begins by the leader leading self and then others. Leadership is about one life influencing another therefore leaders should be aware that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders and not more followers. Some qualities of a leader that will be discussed include; Vision, Diversity Awareness, Responsibility, Passion, Self-discipline, Teachability, Servanthood, Communication, Commitment, Charisma and Courage.