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Felicity Mecha

Eng. Felicity Mecha is an Electrical Engineer Well versed with embedded systems and digital fabrication. She has 5 years of experience in diverse environments mainly related with innovation and IOT. Her passion for innovating and nurturing innovation is shown by her active participation in the different makerspaces and hubs in Kenya and Mentorship programmes for High school students, University students and post university students. She is also an ambassador of WIT where she uses technology as a tool for empowering fellow women. She offers consultancy in these areas of expertise alongside training, Coaching and Keynote speeches. She is a member of Nairobi women in data science and machine learning and also takes up a leadership role by championing an initiative to nurture knowledge in AI called AI Saturdays Nairobi.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Importance of innovation in the 21st century
Creating an innovation ecosystem
Leveraging blue oceans(finding uncontested ground)
Women in innovation(case study