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Joanna Arkoi

 Joanna Arkoi hails from: Liberia, West Africa and completed year 12 in Monrovia in 1983.

Afterwards, she was trained as an Assisting Kindergarten Teacher from 1984-1986 and worked from 1986-1989.   At the end of 1989 and due to the Liberian War, she left the City of Monrovia and moved to one of the Country Towns called Salayea, in Lofa County. Whilst there, she was employed by the Seventh Day Adventist Junior High School as a Kindergarten Teacher and at the same time, became the Register for the school.  

Having interest in Nursing, she planned to enrol in 1993 but unfortunately, the Rebels left the City and started spreading into the various counties, She subsequently moved to Guinea with her children and in 1995, was trained as a Nurse Aid for 18 months with 1 month placement in the N’Zerekore Hospital, Rep Of Guinea, rotating on the various wards until completion,