Kilmeny Beckering Vinckers

Kilmeny Beckering Vinckers has worked across a number of regions during her almost 20 years with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She was Australia’s Deputy Consul General in Mumbai from 2013-15, Deputy High Commissioner to Bangladesh from 2008-11, and an Advisor in RAMSI’s Office of the Special Coordinator from 2004-06. While in Canberra, Ms Beckering Vinckers has worked on various geographic desks, most recently in the East Africa and Indian Ocean Section, with a focus on South Sudan, Ethiopia and our relations with the African Union. She has also worked on Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom, Solomon Islands, South Asia and Indonesia. She commenced her career with the Federal Government at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in 1996, spending time in the Office of Indigenous Policy as well as the Offices of the Special Minister of State and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs. Ms Beckering Vinckers also worked as a program officer at the Australian Council for Overseas Aid from 1991-1996. She has a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and a Graduate Diploma in International Law and Development from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. 

I will speak on 'We are women, let us roar - advocating for the voice of women internationally'.