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Morley Muse

Morley Muse is a doctorate researcher at Victoria University, Werribee Campus. Her expertise and background are centred on generating sustainable energy forms with keen interest in biofuel energy generation.

Morley began her journey as an engineer at The University of Nottingham where she studied Chemical with Environmental Engineering. Been drawn more towards Environmental engineering due to her passion for the environment, she decided to pursue a Masters in Sustainable energy technology where she was exposed to various means of generating clean at The University of Glamorgan (now South Wales).

Upon completion of her thesis in the United Kingdom, herself and her husband relocated to Australia as skilled migrants. Whilst researching about Australia, Morley realised most of the arid lands may be useful for sustainable energy production particularly biomass energy which led her to pursue a PhD degree in microalgae cell wall degradation for anaerobic digestion, producing biogas and subsequently electricity. In addition, she is currently undertaking a major research along with her husband in sustainable oil palm production in West Africa.

Morley is passionate about encouraging young girls’ participation in STEM disciplines and is a co-founder of Women in Science and Engineering Club (WISE) at Victoria University. Besides researching she enjoys writing, cooking and spending time with her family.

After graduation, she hopes to continue in research and ideally work for the Australian government especially in areas of environmental sustainability. In addition, she would love to continue her passion for women and be involved with forums that strengthens the girl child to become all she dreams of.