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peter khalil

Peter Khalil is the federal member for Wills in the Australian Parliament and currently serves as Caucus Secretary of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party and Chair of the International Affairs Caucus committee. Of Egyptian background, he was one of the first two African-Australians elected to the Federal Parliament in the July 2016 Federal election.

Prior to his election to parliament in July 2016 Peter was Executive Director of Corporate Affairs, Strategy and Communications at SBS. 

Peter has also worked as a foreign policy and national security adviser and as a senior international adviser to former Prime Minister  Rudd and the Minister for Defence. He has been a non-resident Adjunct Associate Professor at the Centre for International Security Studies at Sydney University.

Prior to these appointments Peter was based in New York providing political risk consultancy to government, multinational corporations and Wall Street Financial institutions. Peter was also a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.

Peter served with the Department of Defence in Iraq in 2003/2004 and was awarded the Australian Overseas Humanitarian Services medal. He also worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Peter has testified before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (including before then Senator Obama) and has published widely including in the New York Times, Guardian (UK), the Australian, the Age and Sydney Morning Herald. He has made regular appearances on ABC programs such as Lateline and the Drum, as well as PBS Lehrer Newshour, CNN and the BBC.

In October 2015 he was announced as one of the new Victorian Multicultural Commissioners.

Peter has Degrees in Law and Arts from Melbourne University and a Masters of International Laws from the ANU.