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Cecilia rabecca mphande

Rabecca is an educator for 31 years, a specialist in English, English as an Additional Language (EAL), History, Literacy and Adult Education. She has Master of Literacy and Master of Education. She is now studying the Advanced Leadership Program with NESLI. Rabecca is a Highly Accomplished Teacher and currently the EAL Curriculum Support Leader at Hampton Park Secondary College (HPSC), Melbourne, Australia.  She has been the EAL Coordinator at the College. She is the Founder of Go MAD with English, Literacy and Computer Skills, a community project that supports adult migrants, especially women, children and youth to smoothly integrate into the mainstream English Australian society. Rabecca is a well-known and well-respected key Victorian African Community female leader who has made multiple accomplishments within education, community and strategic planning (policy) settings. Her recent achievements: Producing outstanding VCE EAL results, Contribution to the development of the Victorian African Communities Action Plan, Initiating and leading the MASSRULE Partnership of 8 Victorian African Communities, fostering  collaboration in planning and delivering the Strengthening African Australian Families and Communities Relationships Convention (SAAFCR), designing the WAVES-Victoria and ACES-Victoria Projects aimed at capacity building of the youth, women, families and communities from disadvantaged backgrounds to become socially and economic self-reliant, Recipient of the Winner of Women in Leadership Ministerial Award, Africa Day Australia’s Lifetime Recognition Award (service to the African Community) and Ambassador for Peace Award and establishing a lifetime-memorial HPSC Homework Club.

Her teaching and student management expertise has positively impacted on her students’ learning outcomes, both young and adults of migrant origin and mainstream English background. Her leadership, coordinating, collaborating, organising and management skills have had enduring impact on diverse cohorts of women, students, families, colleagues and people from CALD background she has interacted with.  Rabecca believes in sustainable inclusive education that captures the voice and the needs of the youth, woman and the girl-child.

She is an active member of the Victorian African Community in Australia, positively contributing towards development, integration and social cohesion. Her ongoing unfeigned commitment to making a difference especially across youth, women and the girl-child from diverse cultural backgrounds across Victoria and Australia as a whole, is captured through the various volunteer community positions she operates in: Outgoing member of the African Ministerial Working Group (AMWG), Vice President of Africa Day Australia, Secretary for Nelson Mandela Day Commemorative Committee, Pan African Australasian Diaspora Network Councillor – Chair for Women and Gender Equality, Vice Secretary for African Women and Families Network, Mentor with Leadership Victoria, Member of the African Australian Community Leadership Forum, Member of PAADN’s Community Leadership and Engagement, Member of PAADN’s Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture and the outgoing ADA Forums (Families, Youth and Advancing African Australian Agenda) Coordinator. There is a track record of distinctive outcomes of her work: advocacy, improving policy, empowering youth, women, families, communities and men.

Talented with creativity, design and, English language and communication, she has designed action plans such as ADA’s Youth and Families Strategic Plans and various inclusive projects including the Building Youth and Families Social Capital for Strengthening Social Cohesion Project, the African Communities Empowerment Series (ACES Victoria 2018 – 2021) and WithYu African Victorian Empowering Series (WAVES-Victoria). The Building Youth and Families Social Capital for Strengthening Social Cohesion Project results from the initiative of collaboration with Youth Justice, South East Metropolitan Region. The ACES-Victoria and WAVES-Victoria are holistic projects of a series of collaborative, educative, informative, skill/knowledge-building, access and participation for the disadvantaged African communities living in Victoria. Aimed at engaging women, the girl-child, youth, men and communities, these initiatives will involve clinics for skills training, workshops, seminars, referrals and discussions on issues such as entrepreneurship; managing deviant and criminal behaviour among African youth; Supporting and developing budding African-Australian creative arts and sports stars; Healthy Lifestyle within the community, Promoting education, English language and literacy and promoting a positive image of the Africans in diaspora among others. These activities will be periodic and ongoing for the length of 3-4 phased projects, respectively. The Projects aim at increasing the social and economic participation of vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, women, youth and families within various African communities and enhance their lifetime well-being, sense of community, and sense of belonging to be self-reliant.