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Robert Aduer was born in Juba, South Sudan.  At a very young age, Robert moved to Ethiopia, then back to South Sudan where he later settled in Kenya for some time.  Robert migrated to New Zealand where he lived in Auckland for more than 10 Years.  In New Zealand, Robert studied Health Science in Health Promotion in Public Health, including Diploma of Art at the Auckland University of Technology.  Robert has done many other training that are professional development focused.

During Robert’s academic years, he was largely involved in many volunteering and community engagement initiatives works. Robert was a Senior Student Mentor for many years at the tertiary education.   Robert worked at various student services, such as Student Centre, Student Experience Team at the AUT University.  Robert was a Co-founder of an African Student Association in New Zealand.  The purpose of formation of an African Student Association was because of many underlying issues that were facing African Students and community at the tertiary setting, both domestic and international students. In addition, Robert has worked at Lifeline, where he engaged clients while providing phone Counselling service through Crisis Line and support  

Robert's work was predominantly driven by his passion for community engagement, capacity building and empowering community to take great initiatives and ownership of their outcomes, especially health and well-being.  In Melbourne, Robert has previously worked at Primary School at Sunshine Harvester Primary School.  Robert also Coordinate a Mentoring Program in the City of Yarra. Robert currently work at Melton Secondary College as community engagement.

While predominantly working at the school setting, Robert engages with various community engagement initiatives especially to assist African Australian and youth.  Through his engagements with community engagement initiatives, he is a member of the Melton Council African Working Group, Melton Council Intercultural Development Committee, Victorian African Australian Taskforce with the Victoria Police, and a Member of Victorian Multicultural Commission as a Regional Advisory Council for North West Metro.  Robert also engages with initiatives that both support African Australians and South Sudanese Community to promote and build the capacity of the community while linking community to organisations, especially young people.