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Selba Gondoza Luka

Selba Gondoza Luka moved to Australia from Malawi in 1998. She gained a Diploma in Surveying and Cartography and subsequently worked as a cartographer in the Malawi Department of Surveys.

She completed her Bachelor of Nursing from Victoria University and continued her postgraduate studies in clinical mental health nursing at Melbourne University where she qualified as a Mental Health Clinician. These qualifications have enabled her to work in all major public and private hospitals and number of prisons in Melbourne.

Selba also worked with Monash Health’s CALD Intensive Support Program in the Early in Life Mental Health Service as a Grade 3 Mental Health Clinician, where she mainly worked with African youth at risk of or experiencing substance misuse and addiction.

In 2015, Selba established Afri-Aus Care, a not-for-profit organisation which primarily treats and supports people of African and other CALD backgrounds who are experiencing difficulties finding their place in Australian society, often leading to mental health issues and anti-social behaviours.

Afri-Aus Care has put together a number of initiatives which provide positive environments and experiences for its clients. One example is the Black Rhinos Basketball Club (men’s basketball team) and the Peregrine Falcons (girls’ basketball team) made of mainly young Africans which have been widely recognised by the Victorian government and the community. Community work has led Selba to be a confident panel speaker who has been invited to a number of international, local events and with Whitelion Q & A.

Selba was also appointed by the Victorian Government as the Victorian Multicultural Commission Regional Advisory Committee Member for Melbourne’s South Eastern Region. She was also nominated as Executive member of the African-Australian Community Task Force.

Selba believes in working with families and the community at the grassroots level to be in better position to understand their problems and how to connect them with mainstream services, and says of Afri-Aus Care that “without community, there is no organisation.