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Yeni anikulapo kuti

Yeni Kuti aka YK Power is the eldest daughter of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Born in the UK and raised in Nigeria, where she was trained as a journalist, she is an accomplished artist in her own right and has contributed to the emergence of a forward-looking form of Afrobeat alongside her brother Femi Anikulapo Kuti.

An acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Yeni’s introduction to dance started at a very young age. After learning from some of Fela’s best dancers, she went on to develop her own style inspired by the multi-layered sound of Afrobeat.

As the custodian of Fela’s legacy and the founder of the Felabration movement which started about 20 years ago in Lagos and has now spread around the world, Yeni has maintained a strong connection with the live music scene in Lagos through her involvement with the mythical live music venue the New Afrika Shrine which she manages jointly with Femi.

She regularly runs dance workshops for all levels and is a strong proponent for the concept of dance as a deep cultural expression that fosters a sense of self-worth particularly for young women.

In her presentation at the African diapora women summit, Yeni will talk about her experience as a business woman, her role in building and managing the New Afrika Shrine and the creation Felabration Foundation. She will also provide an unique insight into honouring the legacy of one of Africa’s most celebrated artists.